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Module 3 is designed to explore the different qualities and skills of an effective leader. From inspiration to team management, you will find useful resources in this module.

The course aims to show a comprehensive look into the role of leader and the different responsibilities it requires. The selection of material has been curated so you will find a grand variety of tools that will guide your through your own leadership process.

Sarah Hesp

Module 3 starts on June 28

If the module does not open refresh the screen by pressing the F9 key.
    • 1. Leadership Skills 00:20:00
    • 2. Mentor Introduction (Sarah) 00:01:00
    • 3. Leadership Skills by Sarah Hesp 00:06:00
    • 4. Activism, changemakers and hope for the future. Malala Yousafazai. 00:50:00
    • 5. Activity 1 00:10:00
    • 6. Activity 2: Share on Social Media 00:02:00
    • 7. Quiz Module 3 00:05:00

Course Currilcum

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