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Fundraising Strategies

Module 5 is the culmination of the learning process. Here you will learn different fundraising techniques and ideas that will help you dissect better the act of fundraising.   

Advocacy Skills

Module 4 offers a handy guide to Advocacy and the different methods or tools that you will find when becoming an advocate.

Leadership Skills

Module 3 is designed to explore the different qualities and skills of an effective leader. From inspiration to team management, you will find useful resources in this module.

Literacy and Education in the World

The second module aims to give you a general yet comprehensive look into the issue of Literacy and Education, going from historical context to the consequences of the pandemic.

Welcome to The World Literacy Foundation and the Ambassador Program

This module is a handy guide into the work of the World Literacy Foundation. You will learn about the different ongoing projects we have in various communities and our global impact over the years.
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